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Welcome to Blogging Fundamentals. As a side project to my family lifestyle blog, I have put together a guide to blogging, centered around what I call The Blogging Sphere, a visual aid to help you tackle blogging success with a holistic approach. I aim to help others make sense of their blogging journey, whatever level they’re at.

There is a lot of information on blogging out there; but I often find it’s not clear what level of blogger the article is aimed at. Readers can be overwhelmed with information they are not ready to digest, or end up reading a ‘how to start a blog‘ post when they are looking for how to build on their existing traffic. At Blogging Fundamentals I aim to chunk down this information into clear sections, so you can navigate a pathway of your choice to succeed in your blogging venture.

What Does It Take to Succeed in the Blogging Sphere?

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Blogging requires the juggling a number of skills, some will come more naturally than others. For example, I am a designer, so the visual side of website building really appeals. I’m also a bit of a science geek, so I enjoy learning about new tech and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I do however become easily overwhelmed by social media, marketing and the relationship building required to create backlinks to my sites. And that’s OK… we should allow ourselves weaknesses; just don’t ignore them!

Finding your level within the blogging sphere will help navigate you quickly to the areas that need improvement. You may have set up your social media accounts and created some fantastic content… but maybe its time to move further into the sphere and start considering the nitty gritty of those keywords, and really understanding the niche you’r blogging within.

In order to succeed, we need to tackle all aspects of the blogging sphere (although please don’t try to do it all at once!), even the ones we find challenging. There is little point creating a site with awesome content, SEO, navigation and styling, if you are not willing to get out there and sell it. I’ve helped many people in the past that ask ‘Why am I not getting any traffic?’. The simple answer is… no-one knows you’re out there yet! The blogging community is fantastic, and there are many groups and individuals ready to help, so when you get stuck, just holler!

Finding Your Level in the Blogging Sphere:

In order to navigate you to what you’re looking for, we need to understand what stage you’re at in your blogging journey. Have a read through Blogging Fundamentals’ three targeted levels, and head towards the area of the site that suits you best.

Level 1: Beginner Tips

“I’ve been thinking about blogging for a while now, but I’m nervous to take the plunge. It seems very complex and I don’t know where to start… do I need to spend lots of money to start? What do I need to get up and running?”

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The absolute beginner needs to consider a few things before getting started. You’re going to want to start a blog, but you may also want to start with social media to get the ball rolling. I can safely say, without social media you will not get readers. Ten/fifteen years ago things were different… but social media killed the personal blog as it used to exist, and now people are coming to blogs through social media to read more in depth stories, tutorials and high quality content. ‘Content is King‘ is a common term; and they’re absolutely right. Understand your target audience, get social and create some awesome content… now you’re heading in the right direction!

Level 2: Increase Traffic

“I started my blog a while ago and have really enjoy writing. Trouble is… I feel like no-one’s reading it! I’ve put a lot of time into this blog and it seems like I’m missing something. How are other blogs getting so much traffic?”

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It’s a fabulous feeling to know everything’s set up and your have a good stock of blog posts on your site… you did it! Only trouble is, no-one knows you exist and you’re just one of the other 150million blogs that exist on the internet. What you need is traffic! Now is the time to delve deeper into social media and SEO, and put into play some strategies to keep people on your site when they arrive. Every new page opened improve your bounce rate and contributes to your overall page views per month… I’d love to say ‘don’t worry about the numbers‘, but I know you will anyway!

Level 3: Show Me The Money!

I’ve started to build traffic and I’m totally hooked on blogging! I’d love to start making money from it, what are my options? How difficult is it to make a decent income from all this?

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Once those numbers start climbing, you can start thinking about opportunities to make a little money. Whether you started a blog to make money or not; once you get that first paycheck you’ll be hooked on making more. I love the challenge of making money online, it’s so exciting! And as a stay-at-home mom, I love having a little money of my own to play with. Traffic is key to making money, the more visitors you have the more sales you can make. But knowing your audience and offering them products they actually want is more important than anything. No-one wants to read a blog that’s full of ads… so be clever about it and everyone’s a winner baby!

There is so much to learn, whatever stage you’re at, which means there’s a lot of content for me to write about! I’m just getting going here at Blogging Fundamentals, so there will be more content arriving soon; I hope this has helped in finding your level to navigate through future posts. I’d love for you to keep in touch and join our mailing list… and let me know how you’re progressing, everyone loves a success story!

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