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Before I start, I know what you’re thinking, but this is not my only website! Yes, this blog is all about blogging, but I also make money from my mom blog… nearly $1K over the past month alone. As a blogger I know how hard it to read post after post about making money online only to find another income report featuring thousands of dollars in digital product commissions. Don’t get me wrong, those affiliate programs are awesome, but I’ve certainly spent a long time working out how to make money without blogging about blogging.

How I make money without blogging about blogging mom blog


I’m going to be outlining the methods I’ve successfully used to make money without blogging about blogging, explaining in detail how I now make $500 per sponsored post writing recipe, home decor and parenting posts, and sharing a some of the smaller incomes too.

Five Ways I Make Money Without Blogging About Blogging:

If you haven’t started blogging yet, and you want a step-by-step tutorial to get you started –> click here!!

Making money isn’t always the initial incentive. I started blogging for fun, but the challenge of making money online is also fun! Plus, as a stay at home mom, I love the flexibility this kind of work allows me. There are five avenues I have made money through my other blog Twin Pickle which specializes in parenting, kids home decor and family friendly recipes:

Sponsored Posts

I make most of my money through sponsored posts. These are posts I am paid to write, publish and promote on my blog, featuring a product of service. Sometimes this is a simple review, sometimes a recipe featuring a food product, I have even been paid to bring awareness to breastfeeding advice platforms and charities.

You can find opportunities for sponsored posts through influencer marketing platforms or by contacting a brand directly. This is a huge topic because there are so many platforms acting as the middle man between brands and influencers now! I will be back to create a list of all the platforms I know of soon, but today I’m focusing on my favourite influencer platform Linqia:

How Linqia Works

Linqia works specifically with mom bloggers, so it is perfect for those of us wanting to make money without blogging about blogging. They work with big household brands in the parenting, food and home/garden niches. To qualify you must:

  • Be resident in USA or Canada,
  • Own an active blog posting at least once a month,
  • Have at least 2,500 social followers or monthly visitors to your blog or YouTube channel.

Linqia is a pay per click platform. This means you can compete with blogs much bigger than yours because they pay based on performance, not just your blog stats. My blog just isn’t big enough to qualify for some other platforms, yet I make more money per post with Linqia than most other platforms offer.

Unlike other influencer platforms, you do not need to bid and pitch your ideas. There are no draft submissions and you do not waste your time applying for jobs that don’t come through. Once registered you will be matched with a job when it comes available. I’ll be honest, it took me a couple of months to gain my first job but it was one of my favourite jobs to date… working with a huge paint company on a room makeover!

make money mom blogger
One of the posts I put out on twitter for Linqia (I earn a little commission from sign ups!)

How I make $500 per Sponsored Post with Linqia

Linqia assigns you a click target which caps your earnings for that post. This is originally based on your social media following and blog views, but once you start working, your target is adjusted based on previous performance. My first job earned me $120, the post booked for later this month will earn me over $500.

You might be panicking about the idea of pay-per-click. If you don’t get any clicks on your link, you’re not going to earn any money. But you really don’t have anything to lose by giving it a go… you are reimbursed or sent the product, and you have a whole month to gain your clicks. I receive some of my targeted clicks through the blog post itself, but most come from spreading the word on social media.

I hit the target on my first campaign following a ‘coming soon…’ post on Facebook with a photo of paint swatches and a mention of coupons on their site. I hadn’t even painted the room or posted to my blog yet! Once you’ve hit your target, keep pushing that link, because this over performance is what is pushing your target up for your next job. I get a lot of clicks through twitter… I’m in a few large retweet groups, so my tweet ends up reaching a huge audience beyond my own following. When you’re reaching tens of thousands of people with your tweet, it’s not difficult to get a few hundred clicks over a month.

If you’re wondering what a sponsored post might look like, check out this one I published to promote a yogurt brand through Linqia –> ‘Whole Milk Yogurt: Returning to Real Food and Nutrition

Please note: Because Linqia is a pay per click platform, it is against your agreement with them to directly ask people (friends/family/fellow bloggers) to click on your link. And believe me… you don’t need to!

make money food blogger
Are you a food blogger?! Make money with sponsored posts, affiliate marketing and social media!

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves linking to websites/products on your blog (often in the normal body of text), and gaining a commission for a sale resulting in your reader making a purchase. For example, if I talk about my favorite toy storage boxes and create a link as highlighted in gold, a reader can click on that link and are taken to the Amazon product. If that person buys from Amazon in the next 24hrs, I gain a small commission.

I am only beginning to master affiliate marketing… I only make a little money from it at the moment (between $20 and $80 a month) but the potential is huge. It really is the best way to earn money because it’s evergreen and you can write about whatever you want to. I have a post I wrote back in May that continues to get Amazon clicks everyday! The more posts you have, the more clicks a day you’re getting and your income should naturally increase if your post is still in circulation.

There are loads of affiliate programs you can get involved with, and it’s my latest quest to start earning more from affiliate marketing. Although I am registered with lots of affiliates, the only three I have made money through are Amazon AssociatesTarget Affiliates and Awin. Awin is the platform you need to register with to be an affiliate with Etsy. I love Etsy for its unique products and support of small businesses, I used to feature Easy products in my home decor posts anyway… why not make a commission while I’m at it!


This seems to be most people’s first thought when they start a blog they want to monetize. Unfortunately we are not living in the 90s anymore, and we are a little immune to embedded ads because we have be swamped by them for two decades. This means the payout for ads is tiny unless you have some serious traffic (50K+ page views).

I see so many new bloggers in groups getting frustrated they can’t get accepted onto Google Adsense because their blog isn’t old enough or doesn’t have enough page views. If you’re brand new with little traffic, please don’t waste your time with Adsense, even if you do get accepted you will make pennies! My mom blog had over 10K visitors last month and I made a tiny amount through Adsense (a grand total of $2.55). However, I only have ads in my two most popular posts at the moment because I see little point in annoying my readers unless Im going to make some decent moolah… now traffic is increasing I may start to add a few more here and there.

google adsense make money blogging
Google Adsense is a bit like the penny jar… lol.

Social Media Posts

Maybe you’re blog hasn’t exploded yet but you’re a social media guru? Do you have a huge Instagram or Facebook following? There are plenty of influencer platforms that deal with social media posts. This means you are paid to promote a product of service through social media alone. Platforms like Massive Sway offer well paid social media opportunities although I am yet to win a bid for these particular posts.

I do however make a little money, having fun with Heartbeat. They don’t pay out much… I get $15 an Instagram post for my following, but you get to try new product for free and it’s only a quick photo or video thats required. I do the odd one here and there, my daughter likes to help and every bit of income counts!


I hope I’ve managed to inspire you to keep pushing… you really can make money without blogging about blogging. But while you’re here, my mom blog also sold a couple of Bluehost hosting last month, earning me $130! hahaha, I couldn’t resist!

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  1. Such a helpful post! As much as I do like educating fellow bloggers I prefer to stick to writing about my passion for fashion 🙂

    • fundamentals Reply

      I really admire fashion bloggers, it looks like so much fun! Good luck with it all!

  2. Thanks for this info girl! I have been wondering about Linqia and think I’ll definitely give it a try now. <3

    • fundamentals Reply

      You’ve got nothing to lose from signing up and seeing what campaigns come through. Good luck 🙂

  3. Girl!! This post is JUST what i needed in my life. Can’t thank you enough for taking the time to write this. Such great info.

    • fundamentals Reply

      I’m so pleased you found it useful! Good luck with your online income adventure!

  4. I have been really curious about Linqia because I see so many mommy bloggers using it. This is something I’ll definitely have to look into in the future. These are all really great tips for starting to make money off a blog!

    • fundamentals Reply

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, I find Linqia perfect for me because they work with so many great brands, often products I use already!

  5. I am book marking this blog post. I have been blogging as a hobby for years, and plan to focus on it more as a business after the holidays. I can use all the tips I can get.

    • fundamentals Reply

      That’s great, good luck with your new year adventure!

  6. My blog is not about blogging at all so I totally get where you are coming from! Most of my pay comes from sponsored content. I have stayed away from ads. I do use affiliate programs but only if they work with the content that is natural to my blog. I know I could push out more affiliate content and use more affiliate links on social but it never has felt organic or authentic to me. I do tend to do well with social media posts. I think you listed the main ways to earn income from blogging however. It’s just up to each blogger to decide what is best for them. Great article!

    • fundamentals Reply

      Agreed, I’ve heard loads of bloggers favoring affiliate marketing over sponsored posts and vice versa, it really depends what works for you. It’s great there are so many ways to create an income!

  7. This is great. I have been blogging since 2008. My own piece of advice…don’t refer to the products you receive as getting them for free. You aren’t getting them for free. They are give you the product in place of the work you are doing. It is your payment. Good luck!

    • fundamentals Reply

      You’re absolutely right, ‘free’ items are a form of payment! And congrats on almost 10yrs of blogging!

  8. Love your honesty! I always do the eye roll when I see those income reports from huge bloggers as they make their money from selling to bloggers. It can be very misleading to those just starting out. I’ve been blogging for some time and have a lot to learn still!

  9. There’s so many topics to blog and share about and it’s not limited to writing about tips to blog. Earning money online in this technology age isn’t new. So many channels emerge, and different networking sites enable us to keep up and find new ways to thrive.

  10. Money can be made blogging, but a blogger definitely cannot have all of her eggs in one basket. It also takes time to achieve these goals. I have many people who think that they can earn a full-time and come over night. But it takes a lot longer than that!

  11. I laughed at this post because everything I see a post about making money blogging, it is a blog purely about blogging. Thank you so much! I am looking forward to monetizing my mom and book review blog with your help.

  12. So many great tips and lots of great information. I was able to quit my full time job in June to work full time on my blog. What an experience this has been. I am so happy with my choice and look forward to many more years of this.

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